A very good graphics card that still suffers in Ray Tracing

With its new XT graphics card, the RX 7600 XT, AMD seems to want to compete with Nvidia and its RTX 4060. But will the bet be successful for AMD? Is the VRAM worth it?

January 24, 2024 was an important day for GPU enthusiasts, with the release of two new graphics cards. On Nvidia’s side, the Super series has been enriched with the RTX 4070 Ti Super, while AMD has presented the RX 7600 XT 16GB. Since the two cards do not target the same range of products, no direct competition is expected between the two new models. However, AMD seems determined to compete with the RTX 4060. And that’s anything but trivial.

RX 7600 XT vs RX 7600

The two cards are mainly distinguished by their video memory (VRAM) capacity, base frequency, and boost frequency.

Model RX 7600 XT RX 7600
GPU Navi 33 XT Navi 33 XL
Stream Processors 2048 2048
Base frequency 2.47 GHz 2.25 GHz
Boost frequency 2.76 GHz 2.62 GHz
Connector 2x 8-pin 1x 8-pin
Power consumption 190W 165W
Price $329 $269
Release date January 24, 2024 May 25, 2023

So the evolution is of apparent interest, at least in cases requiring a large VRAM, such as video editing or 1440p video games.

Is the RTX 4060 still ahead in 1080p and 1440p?

Tests from the TechSpot site allow for a first glimpse of the performance of the new GPU, especially in the demanding case of 2K (1440p) games.

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