A huge update is coming with a surprise!

Forza Motorsport will benefit from a colossal update with its update 5, and as a bonus, we can expect a pleasant surprise in terms of new content.

Turn 10 Studios has announced that the famous Nordschleife track will make its appearance in Forza Motorsport in February. In fact, this iconic track, 20.83 kilometers long, will be integrated as part of update 5. This also includes numerous improvements and fixes for the game. This massive patch should be available during the month of February. Shortly after patch 4.0.

A major update for Forza Motorsport

The update addresses several technical issues encountered by players. Among the major fixes, there is the resolution of crashes and other bugs. But that’s not all. Players will now have the option to skip training directly from the pre-race menu in Career mode. This feature improves flexibility and gaming experience. It will also be possible to save progress after training in order to complete the race later without having to redo the practice. With regards to featured multiplayer events for Hockenheim, a fix has been made. Especially to ensure that the number of laps is correct. Fixing the previous issue where races were limited to only three laps. For the rest, there are a considerable number of fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where the game no longer responds when returning to Featured Multiplayer Open Practice [1612807]
  • Fixed a crash that can occur after selecting “Skip Training”, leaving the race and re-entering the event. [1657219]
  • Resolved a crash that can occur when entering Forzavista. [1671290]
  • Fixed a game crash that can occur when opening a race replay. [1672588]

Forza Motorsport Gameplay

  • Completed Training Skip: Players now have the option to Skip Training in the pre-race menu of Career mode. Additionally, if the player has already completed training, the game creates a checkpoint and offers additional options to replay or skip the complete training when returning to a series. [1635662]
  • Fixed an issue in Private Multiplayer where someone driving in the wrong direction was not properly rendered transparent and could collide with other players. [1613125]
  • Fixed an issue in Free Play where car model names are missing in the list of drivers. [1660255]
  • Resolved an issue in Constructor’s Cup where the series leaderboard lacks AI driver names. [1668229]
  • Fixed an issue in Featured Multiplayer where players may encounter an endless loading screen when attempting to change their Fuel and Tire configuration in the Grid Preview. [1611726]
  • Resolved an issue where Featured Multiplayer events at Hockenheim had only 3 laps instead of the intended number of laps. [1691754]
  • Fixed an issue in Constructor’s Cup where the Skip Training option loads an incorrect time of day for the cinematic introduction of the track. [1674381]
  • Fixed an issue in Free Play Quick Events where the “Number of Laps” reverts to the default track configuration when accessing the Event Configuration in the pre-race menu. [1629341]
  • Introduced a first-time pop-up window in the Buy Cars menu explaining the Featured Tab. [1635604]
  • Fixed an issue in the Showroom where cars have a checkmark even though they are not properly selected. [1602611]
  • Fixed an issue where the “Do you like this Design?” and “Do you like this Configuration?” prompts after the race do not appear. [1604582]
  • In the Fuel and Tires configuration menu, added descriptions for non-racing tires explaining their all-weather capability. [1607316]

A never-ending list of gameplay issues

In conclusion, this massive patch for Forza Motorsport still fixes quite a astronomical number of issues.

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