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Two ministries for the price of one: on sale!

“The concern is not new. Already, at the end of antiquity, the poet Juvenal, aptly named, cares about it and leaves to posterity the famous ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Then, at the end of the 19th century, Coubertin, the ‘renewer of the modern Olympic Games’, tackles the subject, but shamefully excludes women from his project.”

“In short, there is no major incongruity in bringing together sport and education. On the contrary, as a famous national selector currently on tour would say.”

“Nothing really innovative in fact, but times have changed and the announcement to bring together the two ‘disciplines’ in a mega-ministry is an Olympic feat and will surely not contribute to installing sport in schools, the poor relative of our successive governments.”

“Of course, I like to quote Alain Calmat, an example of success for athletes with university degrees. Wasn’t he a world champion in figure skating, a surgeon, and then… Minister of Sports (only?) but in fact, he is more of a counter-example.”

“All your contributions”

“In the midst of the sales period, I propose recruiting teachers who will have to convey their knowledge by bicycle, thus evoking the notion of distance, speed, time, or running to get to know their muscles, bones, their heart, or even swimming to discover Archimedes’ principle. And all of this in English, and with empathy please.”

“As for French grammar and spelling, I will leave it to AI (not the academic inspection!)”

“To lead this economic program (two ministries for the price of one), a former tennis player was called upon, who unfortunately went to the net in socks. She had better take care of her serve or beware of the backhand.”

“On the other hand, we do not blame her for what she asserted: ‘The Public is indeed deprived… of means’ !!!”

Alain Viard

The slaves of the future with AI

“To date, several tens of millions of people in the world are under the dependence of an absolute authority. It is exercised by either another person or constituted or informal groups, or even by states. This is commonly known as ‘modern slavery’.”

“In this segment of the population, there are unfortunately a considerable number of men, women, children enslaved. Slaveholders are greedy for pecuniary or political profitability, in disregard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed in 1948 by the United Nations.”

“Will AI enslave us more than serve us?”

“My preliminary remarks lead me to add a fourth antagonist who, in my opinion, comes to be added starting now to the unscrupulous profiteers of exploited humans. After some research, I did not identify any sharing of words or writings attempting to justify my reflection on this fourth persecutor who undermines a not insignificant portion of the world’s population. I conclude that I am in a delirium and that I would be better off abstaining and keeping to myself what I foresee as a real danger in its early stages, and especially for the coming years. But after all, I lit a fuse that must be extinguished. So, I affirm that this fourth slaveholder who will enslave us in the not too distant future, who will drastically deprive us of our freedoms to move as we please, not to think for ourselves, to express ourselves freely, to decide for ourselves in our own conscience, and especially to constrain us exponentially by the force of its absolute power over our cognitive and thus to rule our lives. It has the advantage of not being a humanoid and therefore not legally punishable and not concerned by the universal rights of humanity.”

“It is probably excessive in the absolute, but I strongly support that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will enslave us more than serve us. Just look to the former celestial empire to sense its perverse effects.”

“It is a new form of slavery presented as a positive evolution and a facilitation of our lives. To use an explanatory metaphor, it’s like someone drinking a beverage appreciated by their taste buds, but rejected by their liver when it reaches them and makes the subject sick. It is high time to put ethics on this new form of evolution in line with its father, the naturalist Charles Darwin.”

“To meditate on or forget.”

-Jean-Paul Petain

Jean-Claude Hiram, a man with a big heart

“A few years ago, in my town in Essonne (Ballancourt), I met by chance, Jean-Claude Hiram. He is a child of public assistance who was raised in Nièvre, near Arthel, with foster parents.”

“Many people from Nièvre have bought one of his two books where he tells his youth, working on farms, his years also spent for fifteen years in the Indochina and Algeria wars…”

“From our meeting, we immediately had a connection because we both are approaching 90 years old now, and around 1941, he started going to school in Arthel and I to Épiry (I was a refugee, my father being mobilized).”

“In our town of Ballancourt, we have the same doctor, and also the same dentist who once came to his place for free to provide care, as he is not in very good health to move. His last and third book, which I bought in 2020, recounts the last days of his wife who had just passed away. He is a friend with a big heart who shares his royalties with the Brigitte Bardot foundation and the war orphans. […]”
– Maurice Rond

Photo of the week

“What could be more pleasant to the eyes than the morning colors of the sunrise. Even the pigeons enjoy it, positioned high to benefit as much as possible from the orange hues of the rising sun. It doesn’t last long, at this time of the year, the sky changes quickly, especially in the morning, so we must enjoy these magnificent colors.”

– Text and photo Pascal Balourdet

On social media

“You liked, commented…”

“Our article about the Nivernaise Julie Rignault who will participate in the next season of Koh-Lanta, sparked reactions on our Facebook page with over 1,000 likes. The one about the FDSEA and the Young Farmers of Nièvre who called for a demonstration on Friday, January 26 generated more than 250 likes and 290 shares.”


“We asked you a question on our Twitter account: ‘Do you support the angry farmers’ movement?’ You answered ‘Yes’ at 78 % and ‘No’ at 22%. Another poll will be online from Monday 29 January!”

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