A 5G package with 100 GB of internet at a low price, it’s happening at Bouygues Telecom

Want a 5G package? Right now, Bouygues Telecom is offering an essential offer that allows you to enjoy 100 GB in 5G at a hard-to-refuse rate.

At the beginning of this year, telecom operators are waging a relentless war to try to seduce even more new customers. Today, Bouygues Telecom is launching a 5G mobile plan with 100 GB of internet at an ultra-competitive price. If you have a compatible smartphone and want to step up to the next level, this is a deal not to be missed.

Available for several years now, 5G plans have become much more affordable for the general public over time. Previously, one had to spend a minimum of 20 euros per month to enjoy the high-speed network of operators, but now they can be found for much cheaper. This is evident with the shocking offer just unveiled by the operator Bouygues Telecom, with a 100 GB 5G plan for only 11.99 euros per month.

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I’m taking advantage of this B&You 5G plan

With such a comfortable amount of mobile data, you can easily use your plan to watch many episodes of series, movies from SVOD platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video, just to name a few. If you have poor Wi-Fi at home, you can also use your smartphone or tablet as a mobile router to get a stable and fast internet connection.

Like the majority of mobile plans on the market, this one includes the usual telephone services, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France, as well as from the European Union and the Overseas Departments, as well as a 25 GB allowance for use abroad, from these same destinations. The SIM card, usually charged at 10 euros, is now offered for only 1 euro.

The B&You plan against the competition

In terms of quality-price ratio, this 5G mobile plan is simply amazing. For comparison’s sake, and to give you an idea of its positioning against the competition, SFR offers a 5G RED by SFR plan with 130 GB for 13.99 euros per month, which is 2 euros more. Even if the latter has 30 GB more internet in Metropolitan France and 2 GB more in Roaming (27 GB compared to 25 GB for the B&You plan), it is not certain that you will need such a large data allowance.

With 100 GB, you will have more than enough to be able to surf the internet all day, listen to your music streaming on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer, but also watch hours of videos on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc. Furthermore, the SIM card is charged at 10 euros with the red square operator, while it is only 1 euro with Bouygues Telecom. In terms of speeds, whether in upload or download speeds, the two operators are neck and neck.

You will hardly notice any differences for everyday use. Compared to 4G, you will get about 10 times better performance by opting for this 5G plan from Bouygues Telecom (or RED by SFR). Note that at the time of your registration, you have the option to select parental control, basic or premium for 5€/month (first month free), according to your preference. This is useful if the user of the line is a minor and you want to keep an eye on their online activity, block access to certain applications, or set usage hours for the plan.

Without commitment, this 5G plan from Bouygues Telecom allows you to cancel whenever you want, without notice or additional fees. This allows you to test it for a month, and see if it meets your needs. If not, you can simply give it up. Finally, note that by choosing B&You, you will have access to a 100% dematerialized customer service, only online, from your subscriber area on the internet or on the mobile application.

It is also from these digital platforms that you will be able to check your usage, your bills, but also control your plan (add, remove options, change plans, cancel, etc.). With a monthly rate of 11.99 euros for a 5G plan of 100 GB, this offer from Bouygues Telecom should meet the needs of the majority of French people. However, be careful not to hesitate too much, as the offer can disappear at any time.

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I’m taking advantage of this B&You 5G plan

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