92% discount on a Samsung 4K

Until February 21st, deal hunters can get an internet box with a Smart TV at a low price. And it’s at Bouygues Telecom that you can get a 92% discount on a Samsung TV. This may be the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone thanks to the new offer from Bouygues Telecom. Indeed, the Samsung UHD 4K is available at a reduced price by subscribing to a Bbox. Here’s a complete presentation.

92% discount on the Samsung UHD 4K thanks to an internet box with Smart TV:

Bouygues Telecom is promoting a special offer on an internet box with Smart TV at a low cost. Right now, the Samsung UHD 4K is available for 39€. That’s a 92% discount on the original price of the TV. All this, along with a fiber optic Bbox from the internet service provider.

Bouygues Telecom is offering a special discount on the Samsung Crystal UHD.

Bouygues Telecom

starting from
UHD 125 cm

With 4K resolution, the Samsung Crystal UHD offers smoothness and appreciable colors. Its slim design allows it to slip into any type of decor. Ideal for enjoying a sports TV package in the living room, for example. In addition, the B.tv+ app is directly integrated into the television. No need for a decoder, although it is also offered in the fiber optic box with Smart TV package.

Watching TV without a TV decoder

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An internet offer Bbox of your choice to enjoy the Smart TV

The choice of the internet box with Smart TV is quite simple. Bouygues Telecom offers two Bboxes eligible for the discount on the Samsung UHD 4K. These are the Bbox must and ultym. MaPetiteBox’s editorial team highlights all the details to know before subscribing to one or the other offer.

Bbox Must, a high-performance fiber optic box with Smart TV

First, here’s a presentation of the internet offer Bbox must. With the Samsung UHD 4K at a low price, the fiber optic box is available at the full price. That is, monthly payments of 42.99€ with a two-year commitment. The internet box with Smart TV is therefore among the mid-range internet offers on fiber optics.

Bbox must with a Smart TV.

The internet offer Bbox must is still available.

Bouygues Telecom

starting from
Bbox must + Smart TV

Indeed, it can reach up to 1 Gb/s in download and 700 Mb/s in upload on the Wi-Fi 6. Among other advantages, the internet box with Smart TV includes Prime Video and Universal+ for free for 6 months. Calls are unlimited to landlines in France and more than 110 countries.

To accompany the Samsung UHD 4K, the fiber optic box includes 180 channels. They are available via the B.tv+ app, but also from the 4K Bbox TV decoder. Otherwise, the Multi TV service from Bouygues Telecom is also offered as an option.

Putting Bouygues Telecom's internet box on standby

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Full power with Bouygues Telecom’s fiber optic box Bbox ultym

Bouygues Telecom here presents its fastest fiber optic version. This is the Bbox ultym. It is also available at the full price, 52.99€/month. The internet subscription also includes a two-year commitment. The installation of the internet box with Smart TV is 100% turnkey.

Bbox ultym with a 2-year commitment

Wi-Fi 6E from Bouygues Telecom is available with the internet offer Bbox ultym.

Bouygues Telecom
TV bouquet for internet box.

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