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After cinema, finance, sports and other fields, artificial intelligence will deal with health. Nvidia, the American GPU giant plans to create nursing artificial intelligence. This trend is particularly interesting. However, it always has drawbacks, especially for relative positions. Towards a major replacement in the health sector?

Hippocrates AI, the company that specializes in care, has acquired an excellent partnership. It will work with Nvidia to launch a major innovation: artificial intelligence nurses. This project has many advantages, but the price is at the top of the list. Actually, these AIs cost around 8.30 euros per hour. Note that traditional nurses can earn up to €83.03 in the same working period.

Nvidia nurses: AI that will soon surpass humans?

“Voice agents powered by All included Genetic technology may usher in an era of abundance in health carebut only if the technology responds to patients as a human would” Kimberly Powell, vice president of health at Nvidia.

This quote from Nvidia's press release perfectly sums up the benefits of AI nurses. They can they mimic the behaviors of human professionals. And they also have a significant database to answer user queries.

Nvidia and Hippocratic AI even built one demonstration to present their artificial intelligence. It was one of his unique moments GTC 2024 Conference from the American giant.

The high-tech nurse named Rachel, a semi-human appearance. Interacts with the user through a video call or video conference. And this is where the magic happens. Like all self-respecting nurses, Rachel provides patient care advice.

Is AI replacing human healthcare workers?

This question is becoming more and more relevant in the health sector. Indeed, AI nurses from Nvidia and Hippocratic AI cover several specialties. All for a salary that is largely beneficial to the companies.

But the answer is still no. These high-tech nurses, even with their performance, still have a human supervisor. In the demo, experts say that these AIs report the collected information to their human doctor. The latter will then be able to use their knowledge to better care for the patient. And this method is also necessary, especially for emergency management.

Moreover, these nurses don't have it human reflex to make a diagnosis. She will simply seek help from an industry professional if she reaches her limits.

Could this be the answer to solving nursing shortages?

The health care sector is often stressful in many countries. Professionals are underpaid relative to the workload. And this is not the only problem in the industry. Therefore, 32,000 health care workers went on strike in the United States in 2023 alone.

Next, Hippocratic AI and Nvidia are trying to solve this problem with AI nurses. And these companies mainly focus on cost reduction.

“With genetic AI, the additional cost of accessing care and interventions tends to zero” Hippocrates AI.

Currentlymore than 40 healthcare providers are testing these AI nurses. And that's just the beginning.

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