9 games on sale for Valentine’s Day 💌

If you have been reasonable since the beginning of the year, it’s time to heat up your credit card, especially if you like multiplayer games. Today, the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day, known to be the feast of lovers. So what’s better than planning a gaming evening for two (or three, four, as many as you want)? On our side, we have already put together two selections of games perfect for romantics and those allergic to romance. But you still need to have them on hand.

Good news, Steam is completely aligned with this mindset and is offering sales on multiplayer games for a short period. So here are the 9 games on sale for Valentine’s Day that you definitely shouldn’t miss! The entire sale will end on February 20, so hurry up!

It Takes Two

Available for 9.99€ instead of 39.99€ (-75%)

Stuck in the bodies of puppets, a couple on the brink of divorce will have to work hand in hand, with the help of a magical book, to relearn to know each other, and to love each other. In addition to being extremely beautiful and immersive, the game makes many references to the world of video games and has the merit of bringing tears to our eyes. It Takes Two is the therapy we didn’t think we needed, but that feels good.

Buy It Takes Two

Overcooked 2

Available for 5.74€ instead of 22.99€ (-75%)

Need fun, but especially a challenge? Overcooked is a culinary simulation game that has the gift of putting pressure on you. There is a co-op story mode, but also an arcade mode in which the levels are playable randomly. Don’t be fooled by the cute design of its characters, and don’t hesitate to communicate to succeed in the challenges offered to you.

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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Available for 14.99€ instead of 49.99€ (-75%)

Star Wars enthusiasts can only love the latest installment of the Lego franchise. This one recounts the story of the 9 films and contains 300 playable characters. The title is of course available in local co-op. Its action-packed development will allow you to immerse yourself in the cinematic universe, with humor and panache.

Buy Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Bread and Fred

Available for 11.09€ instead of 14.79€ (-25%)

Just like the Unravel series, the two little characters Bread and Fred are connected to each other by a rope. The goal is to climb a snowy mountain with this additional difficulty. We love its pixel art scenery and its too cute characters. It is nonetheless difficult to finish!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Available for 4.88€ instead of 14.79€ (-67%)

If you prefer mind games, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the game for you. Inspired by the practices of escape games, the title gives you the mission of deactivating a bomb with visual clues and clear, but sometimes too complete, instructions. Teamwork is the key to victory in this game with incredibly asymmetric gameplay.

Heave Ho

Available for 3.90€ instead of 9.75€ (60%)

Heave Ho is a multiplayer platform game where the goal is to traverse perilous levels by swinging from platform to platform. Players cling to each other and must cooperate to succeed. With simple controls, but insane physics, chaos and laughter are guaranteed.

Unravel Two

Available for 3.99€ instead of 19.99€ (-80%)

To truly appreciate Unravel Two, you will absolutely need to communicate and cooperate. Two people embody two little yarn dolls, unfortunately connected by a thread. This characteristic can be a strength as well as a difficulty in your mission to travel a world so immense for such small characters.

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Available for 9.99€ instead of 24.99€ (-60%)

Alone on a remote planet, Kai and Yu must learn to survive to cultivate their love. Haven follows the story of this couple who learn to discover each other, who has the fervor of youth, and who thirsts for exploration. It is always hand in hand that the characters evolve, on a planet that is at once hostile and beautiful.

Moving Out 2

Available for 14.99€ instead of 29.99€ (-50%)

Who said moving wasn’t fun? In Moving Out 2, wacky characters are in charge of moving the city’s residents, for better or for worse. Each residence presents its own challenges. The most fun is to overcome the difficulties and not to blame oneself for the possible breakage of objects during transport.

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