7 questions about France Identity, the app for digital driver’s license and digital ID card

The general access to the France Identité application is here. Available on iOS and Android, it serves to prove one’s identity online with a high degree of certainty. The electronic national identity card (CNIe) and the dematerialized driver’s license can be added. It finally serves for interactions with the administration.

What is this new France Identité app for the digital identity card?

This is the France Identité application. It is an interministerial program launched in 2018, under the aegis of the Ministries of the Interior and Justice, as well as the State Secretary for Digital Affairs. The general launch of France Identité on Android and iOS took place on February 14, 2024, after years of development.

France Identité is linked to France Connect, the single access portal for carrying out hundreds of administrative procedures in the country, thanks to a centralized connection system. The application can serve as a “key” to connect to France Connect, providing a high degree of certainty about the identity of the person who is identifying themselves.

This notion of certainty is part of eIDAS, a 2014 European regulation that organizes “secure electronic interactions” between the population, companies, and administrations. There are three thresholds: low, substantial, and high. The higher the level, the higher the guarantee that the person is indeed who they claim to be.

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