5 Free Apps for Identifying Plants

It is now very simple to identify plants using your smartphone. PictureThis, PlantSnap… Overview and reviews of some mobile applications.

You have discovered an unknown plant in your garden or during a walk? It can happen to discover a flower that catches your attention and that you would like to replant at your home, for example.

Fortunately, there are apps to download on smartphones to recognize plants in a few clicks, often accompanied by tips for their care and maintenance. Discover the five best free mobile plant recognition applications.

1. Pl@ntnet

Pl@ntnet is the essential application for nature enthusiasts. Launched in 2009, it has won over more than 10 million users in 180 countries. This application stands out for its collaborative approach. Enriched by the contribution of a global community, Pl@ntnet now offers a rich database of over 20,000 species. It specializes in the collection and analysis of data to help better understand the evolution of plant biodiversity.

The simplicity of use of this app is at the heart of its success: just post a photo of the plant to be identified to trigger an advanced recognition process. In addition to identifying the plant, the free smartphone application offers a percentage of probability and similarity, interactively and instructively. Beyond identification, each user becomes an actor in the preservation of biodiversity. The data collected feeds a global database, contributing to scientific efforts to preserve the ecosystem.

Available on iPhone, Android, and in the web version: https://plantnet.org/

2. PlantSnap

PlantSnap is an American application created in 2012 with over 50 million users in 200 countries. It redefines the botanical exploration experience through its plant recognition system based on your phone’s camera. PlantSnap brings together a global knowledge base of over 600,000 plant species, ranging from exotic flowers to majestic trees, succulents to intriguing mushrooms. Each plant is accompanied by a detailed description, care tips, and direct purchase links. The app also offers users a tool called Explorer, which allows you to discover remarkable observation locations near you by geolocation, shared by the community of nature enthusiasts.

The community model of PlantSnap offers a wide variety of plant photos, from rarities to endemic species, captured around the globe.

Available for Android, on the iOS store, and in the web version, PlantSnap.

3. PictureThis

PictureThis, the Chinese application launched in 2018, attracts over 30 million users who form a thriving community of nature and gardening enthusiasts. This partially free versatile app offers a reliable and powerful experience for those who love to explore and cultivate their garden. PictureThis lists about 17,000 plant species. Its identification system, whether classic or 360° photos, achieves a remarkable 98% reliability.

The application also provides in-depth information and practical tips for each listed plant. A true gardening encyclopedia, it details:

– The flowering period;
– Maintenance needs;
– Parasites associated with each plant;
– Potential diseases: its function of diagnosing diseased plants from a simple photo and proposes how to treat them.

PictureThis also offers personalized maintenance recommendations based on species identification: the type of soil to prefer, resistance to cold, water needs, and the most effective fertilization methods. PictureThis offers users comprehensive expertise, from plant identification to dealing with plant health issues. A must-have application for those who want to explore and beautify their garden.

Download the app on the AppStore and Google Play.

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