10 Free and Essential Artificial Intelligence Applications

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For many months, during the early days of generative AI, most tools were available for free. Then, quite quickly, many of them evolved towards paid formulas. However, there are still a number of accessible tools without having to pay, at least for a certain quota of daily or monthly usage. Some of these applications are extremely useful. It is worth knowing that some of these apps only work in English but their usage is generally quite simple.

Obviously, you probably know that tools like Google Bard or Microsoft’s Copilot (which gives access to the latest version of ChatGPT) are free. So we have focused here on lesser-known applications.


The generation of texts or logos has long been a weak point for generative image AIs. The situation has improved with the latest versions of Midjourney, but this application is paid. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain decent results with Ideogram, although it sometimes takes several tries. You can create logos of great appearance.

Link to the Ideogram application

Magic Eraser

There are many tools to erase elements from an image, starting with Photoshop. When artificial intelligence is used, it then completes the element that was in the background and that was eliminated. Various applications do this with more or less success. Magic Eraser helps to accomplish this task simply and accurately reconstructs the images.

Link to the Magic Eraser application


If you need to insert an image into a video, you might appreciate that it has an animated appearance. This is easily achieved with LeiaPix, which also adds a 3D effect to the image or photograph submitted to it. Additionally, it is easy to influence the animation styles.

Link to the LeiaPix application

Pika Labs

Generative video AIs have quickly gained in capability. Pika Labs is a good example of this. Only three seconds of video are accessible in the free version, but that is enough to test its possibilities. Tip: if you use the last image of a video as the starting point, you can extend it while using your monthly credits.

Link to the Pika Labs application


Adobe Firefly offers several image-related tools that are extremely effective, including a generative image AI, but it is also very good for removing characters from an image – or alternatively, the background. You will probably appreciate the possibility of generating texts with a flamboyant style. You are entitled to a limited free monthly use, so it’s worth using these various services wisely.

Link to the Adobe Firefly application

Vocal Remover

Do you want to place your voice on a track by Christine & the Queens or Mark Ronson? Vocal Remover accomplishes a small miracle: it separates the music from the voice. You get two well-isolated tracks. This type of technology was used on the song “Now and then” restored from an old cassette of John Lennon and enriched with contributions from two other Beatles.

Link to the Vocal Remover application


There are many generative music AIs such as Mubert or Voicemod, but none are as impressive as Suno.ai because of its simplicity. Type a description text, click “Create”, and you’re done. The song produced in record time is often surprising.

Link to the Suno application

Adobe Podcast AI

This application is able to salvage a recording that you may have recovered from an old cassette or created in epic conditions. We have dedicated a tutorial to this indispensable application for those who work with audio documents: How to improve a low-quality vocal recording.

Link to Adobe Podcast AI


Cinephiles will love this application. You give it a phrase (and it can be in French) and PlayPhrase then finds the movie or movies in which it was spoken. It even plays the corresponding excerpts.

Link to the Playphrase application


This application has quickly become one of the most popular in artificial intelligence. While it primarily appeals to the younger population of America, it is able to interest all types of audiences. It offers you the opportunity to converse with various existing or deceased celebrities, from Bill Gates to Britney Spears to Socrates, as well as an English professor. The level of realism in the responses is often disconcerting.

Link to the Character.ai application

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